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East Coast Air Solutions




When it comes to owning an air conditioning system, we must view it as owning an automobile. Maintaining a vehicle may become very expensive, especially when costly repairs arise due to poor upkeep. In the world of air conditioning, it is the same. Therefore, homeowners need to understand how pricey it can become if their A/C systems are not well maintained. Here at East Coast Air Solutions, formally known as ECAS, we have made it our mission to educate our customers on their products and provide exceptional services at an affordable price! Too good to be true? Call us today to speak to one of our experts.


Here at ECAS, we have a set of values that we intend on upholding. Firstly, we value our customer’s comfort and satisfaction. We understand the stress that comes with not having enough to pay for an A/C repair, which is why we make it our priority to offer the best price. Secondly, honesty is key for us. Why? Because we believe in retaining our customers for as long as possible and making sure they are comfortable enough to leave us in charge of their equipment. Lastly, performing excellent services every time. If we enter your home and leave you feeling like we treated you any different from your favorite restaurant, then we have failed you. Therefore, we take our time to take care of your A/C system and deliver exceptional services during every visit. We will make sure to go above and beyond for you!!!

Currently servicing customers from Broward County to St. Lucie County, FL. We provide service repairs, installation, duct cleaning, and more!
Licensed and Insured. Lic# CAC1821044

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