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Melyn Bailer Joseph

Vice-Chairwoman / Co-Founder

My passion for helping my community goes back to my pre-professional days. Whether it was selling cookies as a girl Scotts Club member or singing for the elderly in-group homes, with my high school choir.  I have been in the service field from the start. My why! I love giving back, especially to those in need weather they know it or not. I like to see a smile on people’s faces and the look of “there is hope after all”. I believe that as human beings we were not created to be alone or lonely in this world and we all need someone at some point within our life journey. Why not me?

Outside of my community service and philanthropy, I am an Operations Manager for MIDFLORIDA Credit Union. I have been within my professional for over 20 years now; I service members with achieving their financial well-being, managing, training and developing staff members and educating our local youth and future entrepreneurs for generations to come. I am a Rotary Club member here within our city and take part in community events through sponsorships or community service fundraisers along with St Lucie County Chamber of Commerce community events. Although I have always had a love for helping people, I cannot say that I have done it on my own. I have always had people around me to support me and build me up to be who I am today. Family and my belief in God gives me my foundation and my educational background helped formed my professional pathway. My education includes a MBA in Business Management and BA in Business Administration from Northwood University.

Being within the financial world for many years has taught me two fundamental truth “never assume anything anyone or thing” and “don’t be afraid to ask questions”. Because of the uncertainties of our society and our world today, we have to be open-minded but vigilant Education has always been a corner stone within my foundation and I have always felt obligated to pass on what I have found to be very life changing to me and my house whole.   Therefore, whenever the opportunity presents for me to help someone may it be finance, basic life skills, being a listening ear or just a helping hand. My work experience is a long ranges from Retail Servicing, Managing to Retail Banking both Consumer and Business with Underwriting Qualities. 

Although I have been in Retail/ commercial banking my last 5 years has been within the Credit Union world of finance and what a difference in the whole out look of the finance world. Working at the Credit Union has allowed me to show case more of the philanthropy side of me. I am advocate for my branch and location so I’m blessed to have access to wide range of experts and the ability to help educated our future generation in finance and basic life skills.  2020 was the year to remember in more ways than one; for some time now I have been debating whether or not to establish my own Small Business Networking company and right before COVID-19 happened I started the journey to start my company SBN Consulting Group, Inc. Let us just say that we have been moving at turtle speed because I am a people person and getting out in large groups was just not going to happen. Nevertheless, I am reserved to say that although I cannot shack 2020 off yet I know success is on the way and our community will bounce back from this pandemic one way or another.

My 5-year plan is to be amongst the philanthropy leaders of my community and see to it that our future generation is ready and headstrong on their life journey where ever it may take them.  To be an advocate for small business owners and help to start and achieve their ideal business success plan so that they too can leave a legacy for the next generation.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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