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Join date: Jun 22, 2022


My name is Kervans Joseph i'm a Haitian born in Bahamas that grew up in Broward County.

I currently work for Fort Pierce Utilities Authority as a Network Engineer. Also I am the owner of Cakon LLC which is a small information technology firm that focuses on helping small to medium size businesses leverage our expertises to merge the gap between technology and their products/services.

I have been in the Information Technology field for 10 years allowing me to gain exceptional hands on skills while being exposed to sophicated technology. Over the years I've obtained Industry Certifications such as "CCNA" Ciso Network Associate, Comptia Network +, etc and currently attending IRC (Indian River State College) to complete my Associates degree in information technology scheduled to graduate in 2023.

Overall I am seeking to be a productive member of our community by being of service to others with my skillset.



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